The Companions of the Way are blessed and thrilled to welcome Father Jesús Alejandro González Ovalle to the community!

Father Alex was born and currently lives in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. He pastors an Episcopal mission church the San Luis Potosí city center, which ministers primarily to those on the edge of society: the poor; the homeless; those suffering from addiction; and the home-bound elderly. Father Tim and Daniel had the distinct priviledge of worshipping with this mission community while on pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. Christian hospitality is vibrant and alive in this community and in the González household!

Retablo of Mary

Raised Roman Catholic in the parish church of Templo del Carmen, Father Alex felt a call to the priesthood from a young age. Father Tim and Daniel prayed the rosary in the Marian chapel in the Templo del Carmen, and it was truly a taste of heaven on earth. It is no wonder that such a place of worship spoke to the heart and soul of a fledgling priest. To learn more about this stunning Baroque church, please read this article:

At the age of 26, Father Alex was ordained to the Deaconate in the Roman Catholic Church, then two years later in 1995 he was ordained into the priesthood in Ecuador. For 22 years, Father Alex served the people of Ecuador, and he adopted many orphans and children being sold by their parents. The love of God pervades the life of his servant Alex!

In 2017, Father Alex was received into the Anglican Communion as a priest. This decision was heart wrenching for him, but his conscience would not be swayed. He has maintained his Roman Catholic priestly vow to be wedded to the Church in chastity, but he still takes care of his adopted sons in San Luis Potosí. Father Alex has degrees in Philosophy, Public Administration, and Law. He teaches at a local college in San Luis Potosí to support his family, as his mission does not receive financial support from the diocese.

Father Tim Father Alex & Daniel

Father Alex is excited to join the Companions of the Way and looks forward to getting to know everyone. He felt a deep draw to the spirituality of the Companions when Father Tim and Daniel stayed in his home while on pilgrimage. Father Alex’s connection to the Companions comes through one of his adopted sons, Juan, who attended Father Tim’s parish St. Mary and St. Martha of Bethany while working in Georgia under a US work permit to earn money for the family.

Please join us in welcoming Father Alex to the community and to our commitment to “disciples making disciples.” The Companions of the Way are now international. Praise be to God!

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4 Thoughts to “The Companions Welcome a New Member From Mexico”

  1. Margie Klein

    My heart is touched to learn of the work you are doing. May God Bless you and help you with your mission. I hope our church, here in Buford, may be of some help to you in the future. Thank you for the love you are sharing with those in need.

  2. Heather

    Yeah! Welcome!

  3. Lucy Ferreira

    I would love to live and work hard, daily and non stop in your community for life. Gandhi said that the Lord provides for everyone’s need, not for everyone’s greed. Peter said that if all became voluntarily poor, no one would be destitute. So I would work for food and shelter. I have never believed in war or the death penalty, but in turning one’s cheek.

    1. theway

      Hi Lucy, God bless you! We are a different community from the Franciscans. I wish you well in discerning with the Franciscan community in Salinas, CA!


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